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Sensors and digital imaging capabilities provided by autosens can aid farmers to increase crop production through visual monitoring of the crop growth in time. This will improve the crop yields through real time remote monitoring resulting in an increase in overall farm efficiency.

A-Aerial photography

Autosens provides aerial solutions for clients by delivering videos,photos, aerial maps and data. We can provide breathtaking magazine quality commercial imagery with 4k aerial photography of any site under previously unseen angles.

Raw images can be stored and referenced to a 3D model for remote inspection. Georeferenced and scaled 2D orthophotos in high resolution, ideal for site visualization and planning. Densified 3D point clouds provide an accurate 3D representation of inspected site. Highly visual 3D textured mesh can be provided for communication and client updates.


In an emergency situation a non-invasive remote and rapid collection of data and intelligence is key. Collecting evidence used to analyse the scene with drones is done quicker, saving time and money enabling any accident to be cleared efficiently.



Autosens provides a 3D model solution for clients to monitor assets and infrastructure. Remote monitoring and remote control can be integrated between a virtual 3D model and real world asset. Infrastructure monitoring over time allows for a deeper understanding of structural integrity eliminating possible future weak spots.

Managing stockpile inventory through accurate volume measurements improves inventory management with accuracies of 2-5% for stockpile volumes. High-resolution photogrammetric results create more precise stockpile models, and thus an overall improvement in volume measurement accuracies.

L-Land Survey